Maschinenteile - Baugruppen - Vorrichtungen

• SAW-, electric-, WIG and MAG/MIG welding
• piece weights up to 4 tons
• Submerged arc welding of bridge shafts for electrical engineering up to 4000 mm
Length and 1000 mm diameter
• welding manipulator

submerged arc longitudinal seam welding machine

welding machines and accessories

submerged arc welding machine
year of manufacture: 2006

automatic part table

welding length 3000mm, OD max 6000mm

welding manipulator Baujahr: 2013
Demmeler Ergonomix M2000
Teach-control, load 2t, swivel range 180 degrees

welding equipment and accessories

electric welding equipment, 
MAG/MIG/WIG equipment, welding rotary table

 • ISO 3834-2
scope and field of application
we meet the quality requirements for fusion welding of metal materials accoerding to ISO 3834-2 as an adjunct to DIN ISO 9001:2008
• ISO 3834-2
scope and field of application
certification level CL2 according to DIN EN 15085-2 for welding of railway vehicles and vehicle parts

 • EN 287-1 und EN ISO 9606-2 sowie ein Schweißfachingeneur
scope and field of application
trained personnel in welding processes of MAG/MIG, WIG and SAW,
welding of non and high-alloy steels and aluminum
• EN 1418
scope and field of application
certified operators according to EN 1518 for submerged arc welding
• EN ISO 15614-1 und EN ISO 15613
scope and field of application
Procedure tests according to EN ISO 15614-1 and EN ISO 15613
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